Phil Mickelson knows a thing or two about putting.
In this video he explains that:
Face Alignment is the most critical thing in putting…

  • … and he says this is what explains why so many different putting stokes are effective.  All that matters (for the actual direction of the ball) is the alignment of the putter face at  the point of impact.
  • Phil points out that even if you have a gorgeous putting stroke path… the path of the ball will be determined by the alignment of your putter face to the ball at the point of impact. That’s it. Complete. Done deal.
  • In order to ensure that the putter face is perfectly in line with your intended target at the moment of impact, your chances of doing this are greater if you try to maintain the “Perfect Alignment” for a short distance before — and after — impact.  This area is commonly referred to as the “Critical Hitting Zone” because this is the area (or zone) of your putting stroke where it is critical to have the right position of the putter face.
  • In summary, if you can square up your putter face in the “Critical Hitting Zone” — then you will be well on your way to having a critical advantage to sinking more putts.