The biggest take-away from these stats (besides the obvious point that Paul McGiley is a “Rock Star” as a captain and player in match play with 12 wins to 1 loss) is that the US is not very good at Foursomes.

Watson was correct to observe this after it happened again, but it has been a glaring problem since 2002 — so the prudent action would be to do something about it. Study it, strategize about it… and practice it. Each of the 2 players should figure out which 9 holes they will tee-off on,and then they can both pretty much anticipate every shot they will be playing in the match (give or take).

Focus on 9 specific tee shots, 9 specific approaches, and 9 first putts on specific greens. Discuss and rationalize the optimal combinations of players and holes to be played with your partner, your teammates, and your captain… and come up with the winning formula. Voila!